Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Wheels VW Brasilia

model: VW brasilia
manufacturer: hotwheels
series: 2011 new models
number: T9678

mod: wheelswap (by 126

together with her twin sister

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minichamps F1 Mclaren-Mercedes 2001 (part 2)

 mp4-16 cockpit

 mp4-16 front wing

 hakkinen's boss

 seimens mobile

 mp4-16 rear wing

enkei on potenza

model:  mclaren-mercedes mp4-16
manufacturer: minichamps
scale: 1/18

Kinsmart Volkswagen Beetle Sedan

Model: Volkswagen Beetle Sedan
Manufacturer: Kinsmart
Scale: 1:32

this was one of my "oldest" VW models. the bumper already shows signs of discoloration due to its old age. i got this item already loose and does not have any box or packaging.

i also have the same model but it comes in black. they have similar "tampos" or "markings", which is the "hippie" design. i really like the design of these models since it reflects the time when these vehicles (the VW bug and bus) was the favorite mode of transportation by the "hippies" thus being associated with them and in return made this wonderful vehicle an icon.

Hotworks Racing Lexus Altezza IS220-R

Model: Lexus Altezza IS220-R
Manufacturer: Hotworks Racing
Scale: 1/64

this is part of my "sudden" side collection- the drift cars made by hotworks racing. the casting done by hotworks are truly awesome and the "tampos" are true to form and style as the real vehicles they were "copied" from. i decided to collect these cars because of the nice castings and tampos as well as seeing these cars (the 1:1 ones) appear in the pages of super street magazine a couple of years ago.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1966 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan

Model: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan
Manufacturer: (unknown)
Scale: 1/24

this was one of my oldest VW diecast cars. i got it as a gift from a relative a long time ago. it was "loose" and no markings of the manufacturer can be seen beneath the model. the only markings are "1966 volkswagen beetle" and "scale 1/24".

this is one of my favorite models from my collection due to its size and the details of the exterior, interiors, and engine. the side mirror is missing and i can't seem to locate the missing piece. but, nonetheless the item remains to be my favorite and truly a keeper.

Minichamps F1 Sauber-Petronas C21

model: 2002 Sauber Petronas C21
manufacturer: Minichamps (PMA)
scale: 1/18